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Agile Software Development

When creating software solutions for your business, we are focussed on delivering real business value, which means delivering what you want, in the order that you want it, and making it usable when you get it.

To this end, we use an agile approach.

What Agile Means To Us

Agile is a catch-all term, that really groups together some best-practices in the world of software development, coupled with a light-weight, transparent approach to project management. time4tea's own agile approach is called agilitea agilitea.

time4tea's Agile Methodology

While we have agilitea agilitea, the key tenet of the agile approach is to be flexible, and continuously tailor and improve process according to the needs of the organisation, and the individuals within it.

Why Agile?

We truely believe that an agile approach means the best business benefit, and least project risk for you.

Learning Agile?

We are able to supply tailored software development training for your team. Whether its about structuring software development, introducing Unit Testing or Continuous Integration or Refactoring we can put together classroom-based or hands on training courses specifically focussing on your particular needs.