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Today's agile software development practices are designed for their simplicity, however they can be quite difficult for teams to pick up by themselves. Worse, teams can easily pick up bad habits, or unwittingly implement these practices incorrectly, leading to a more complicated codebase.

time4tea technology is able to come to your workplace, and train your development teams.

We currently offer the following training packages, although these can be tailored to your specific requirements:

Please note that our currently focussed towards a Java programming environment. Please Contact Us if you have other requirements.

Agile Software Development Introduction - 3 days

Cost: £750pp for 8 - 12 people

Content: This course offers an introduction to the ideas behind agile software development, and practical hands-on training in its application. The topics covered include:

Audience: Teams that have had little to no exposure of agile practices

Test Driven Development with JUnit & JMock - 3 days

Cost: £800pp for 6-8 people

Content: This course offers a more detailed focus on the "Agile Software Development" stream.

Audience: Developers & Team Leaders who have an understanding of how agile practices should work, but need a little more guidance on how to put those ideas into practice.

Introducing Automated Testing - with your code

Cost: £900pppd for 3 - 5 people

Content: This course brings our expertise to your code. We will sit down with your developers and show them how to introduce automated testing into their own codebase.

  • Introducing Automated Testing to a codebase
    • Where to start?
    • Refactoring
    • Breaking Dependencies
    • Introducing Interfaces
    • Testing EJB's
  • Introducing End-To-End Testing to a codebase
    • Finding the ends
    • Stubbing external systems


These prices are applicable within the M25. We are happy to travel as required - internationally if necessary. Some additional costs may be involved, so please Contact Us.