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Competing by Price

What do you want for your $/£?

Outsourcing based on minimum price has gained much favour in the last few years.

What does this gain for your company?

We don't know. We believe that information technology is an integral part of any modern business.

While choosing to outsource information technology to a lowest-price provider may show short-term cost reduction, it may well also:

  • Increase turn-around times for systems critical to your business.
  • Dilute the company culture that got you this far.
  • Reduce in-house technology & innovation skills.
  • Make your business dependent on external suppliers for its success.
  • Make you vulnerable to cost increases beyond your control.
  • Reduce transparency of what you get for your money.

We will be happy to quote for any project that is important to your company, please don't hesitate to Contact Us

We have helped many media and financial companies recover from an over-enthusiastic outsourcing policy...

We are also happy to train your employees on modern software development techniques.